Çift Tapalı Plastik Varil

Çift Tapalı Plastik Varil


    They are plastic barrels which are suitable for food production .they are manufactured by mixing of HDPE and masterbatch granules according to the formula and feeding to the machine and melting at the extrusion then pouring into mold. After   that they are inflated with air, cooled in mold and finally shaped


Bileşimi :Gövde ve 2 tapadan oluşmaktadır.

Gövde : HDPE granül ve masterbatch

Tapa :HDPE granül


They consist of body and stopper.

Body : HDPE granule and masterbatch

Stopper : HDPE granule


Biological, Physical and Chemical Properties:

Volume :216,5lt

Weight with stopper : min 8.6 kg.

Weight of stopper – approximately 0,080 gr.


Türk Gıda Kodeksi Gıda ile Temas Eden Madde ve Malzemeler Tebliği 2013/34 ve Commision Regulation EU No:10/2011 ile uyumludur;

Total Migration mg/kg <= 60
Bisphenol A Migration mg/kg <=  0,6
Primer Aromatic Amine Migration mg/kg <= 0,01
Phthalate mg/kg <= 0.1 %
Heavy Metal Migration              
Manganese Migration mg/kg <= 0,6
Barium Migration mg/kg <=1
Lithium Migration mg/kg <= 0,6
  Iron Migration mg/kg <=48
Zinc Migration mg/kg <=25
Cobalt Migration mg/kg <= 0,05
Copper Migration mg/kg <= 5



Product Filling Temperature:                           : 55-65 0 C arası olmalıdır
Packaging shape                          : Wrapping bags with PE
Intended Use                     : Transport and storage of liquid products
Shelf life                              : 4 years
Allergen Cases                          : There is no any allergen.
Labeling : The lot number on the product should be written on the lower part of the body with inkjet
Storage and Distribution Terms  storage   : Closed and dry environment at room temperature.